Increase your deal flow with the help of a constant pipeline of interesting M&A projects that are tailored to your investment profile.

Find or be found.

DealCircle proactively and regularly informs you about new M&A projects that fit your investment profile. You will also find projects from hundreds of M&A Advisors in the DealCircle member area. You will receive a selection of the projects that are right for you directly via the intelligent search function. Contact the advisors at the push of a button and join the transaction process.


Verification Process

When registering, you go through a special verification process that includes a short interview. Here we record your investment profile, with which you can qualify for exclusive projects.


Intelligent Search

Get access to all projects that are configured to be seen by our registered Buyers. You can easily find the right target company for you using the intelligent search function and, if you wish, you will be automatically informed of new projects by e-mail.


Exclusive Projects

DealCircle also accompanies other more exclusive M&A projects that are not offered to the registered Buyers directly. You have automatically qualified for suitable projects when we have recorded your investment profile and we will contact you in case there is a fit.


Your sole decision

You alone decide whether the proposed sales projects are of interest to you. Only then does DealCircle establish the connection with the M&A Advisors.



As soon as the M&A Advisor agrees to your expression of interest, the mutual contact details are exchanged and the necessary information is provided by the M&A Advisor.