In the last couple of years we have come across a number of questions over and over again. We want to answer these for you at this point.

DealCircle is a provider of technology-based M&A solutions. On the one hand, we provide data-based support to M&A advisors in identifying and approaching suitable interested parties and, on the other hand, we support investors in deal sourcing. 

Part of DealCircle are all groups of buyers that may be relevant for a transaction. This includes German and international institutional investors as well as family offices and verified MBIs who want to take over a succession themselves.  

In addition, DealCircle includes an unprecedented number of corporate buyers who are looking for suitable companies in almost every industry. 

The investor database of DealCircle is not browsable directly for M&A Advisors. Based on the teaser you send us, DealCircle compiles an individual shortlist of qualified buyers and makes it available to the M&A advisor for approval. 

It is sufficient for you to send DealCircle your teaser and your blacklist. DealCircle will then identify suitable buyers and – after your approval – contact them anonymously.  

In case of mutual interest, DealCircle will disclose the contact details and buyer and M&A advisor will communicate directly.

An intelligent algorithm determines the most suitable buyers from the DealCircle database. For this purpose, its investment criteria and, if applicable, portfolio companies are used as well as the real historical transaction behavior. The deal offers are also matched with specific search mandates from other M&A advisors in order to further increase the chances of closing the deal. 

For each project, the M&A advisor has the opportunity to view and approve DealCircle’s shortlist before the approach.  

However, this step is in many cases time consuming. Since DealCircle does not exchange confidential documents under any circumstances and the advisor can decide individually for each interested party whether to exchange an NDA, the approval can also be made on a case-by-case basis and not for the entire approach in advance. 

Yes, if desired, the advisor can view and approve the longlist before the market approach.  

A prior blacklisting of the advisor also ensures that no previously approached or unwanted candidates are contacted.  

Of course, the advisor can reject interested parties at any time. 

Suitable buyers are only selectively addressed by DealCircle proactively and personally. At the request of the advisor and after prior approval.  

If the project is also made visible on the DealCircle platform, the project data is protected and cannot be viewed without permission. Only verified and qualified buyers have access to the platform. 

As long as you do not withdraw your project from DealCircle, we will introduce new prospects to you at regular intervals. Usually you will receive the first expressions of interest after 5 working days from receipt of the teaser.  

DealCircle is entirely free-of-charge for M&A advisors.  

Also for buyers there are no subscription fees to be approached for relevant deals. DealCircle works 100% success-based and is only rewarded by the buyer in case of a successful deal.