DealCircle offers an innovative approach of connecting M&A Projects with matching Buyers.

Diversity through Data

DealCircle uses a database with over 250,000 German and international Buyers.

• 240,000 Strategic Buyers and portfolio companies from Investors
• 10,000 Financial Investors, Family Offices and Investment Holdings.
• Plus numerous qualified MBI Candidates.


Intelligent matching algorithms based on the following criteria:

• The investment profiles of Buyers
• Proprietary knowledge of acquisition strategies from national and international Strategists
• Actual dealing behavior
• Current search mandates from M&A Advisors


Human quality assurance by experienced investment professionals.

• The automatically generated long list is subjected to a 100% human quality check. The experienced DealCircle employees thus qualify the Longlist as a selective shortlist for the M&A Advisor.
• With over 30 years of private equity and M&A experience, we guarantee the highest quality.


Direct personal contact only after approval.

• The M&A Advisor receives a qualified shortlist from DealCircle and a text proposal for the cover letter for his approval.
• Thus, the process sovereignty rests 100% with the M&A Advisor. He decides who receives which information.
• If projects have also been posted in the closed DealCircle platform, these are only anonymously visible to authorized, verified interested parties.