As a M&A Advisor, you can find the right Buyers for your sales mandates in the shortest possible time.

Expand your network a hundred times.

Benefit from an exclusive connection to over 250,000 German and international Strategists as well as Financial Investors and MBI candidates. You are the only one who retains full control over the sales process at all times.


Highest Quality

To ensure the highest quality, only projects from verified M&A Advisors are included. DealCircle sees itself as a partner of the Advisor and does not accept sales offers directly from companies.


Verification Process

In the first step, you send us a teaser and, if applicable, your blacklist. To ensure quality, all new projects are only accepted after verification by our team.


Intelligent Algorithm

The intelligent matching algorithm compares your project with the DealCircle Buyer database and the current search mandates. A Longlist is then generated from this.


Qualified Shortlist

You will receive a qualified Shortlist including detailed background information for discussion with the client and for approval. We will also send you the suggested text for the cover letter.


Personal Contact

The approved candidates will be contacted with the coordinated, anonymous cover letter. The relevant decision-makers are always addressed personally. If you want an additional entry in the DealCircle platform, the project will go live in a highly anonymized manner. With this step you will immediately reach an even larger group of verified potential Investors.


Under your Control

You decide who has access to confidential information and who is allowed into the process. DealCircle is no longer involved in the further course of the process and is therefore completely neutral.